What We Do

We manufacture both K2 and Eurocell Conservatory roofing systems.Essentially when asked what we do in term of Conservatory roofs the answer is:




From £100 Lean-to Porch Roofs to full scale commercial installations in excess of £10,000. If you need a conservatory roof, chances are we can make it, whatever colour, style or size we have made most types and made some particularly strange Roofs over the years.

Our speciality is in being able to fabricate roofs that larger firms often turn away due to the complexity or the time involved. We manufacture all sorts of shapes and sizes and often have to hand make roofs to fit instead of the usual cutting list provided by software.

In short,if you have seen it advertised somewheres, we can do it-the only limit is the customers imagination!

We have the facilities and expertise to fabricate the following:-
Lantern Roofs
Gazebo Roofs
Glass Roofs
P,T and B Shape Roofs
Commercial Roofs
Portal Structures
Sky lights
Foils in various colours
Sprayed Roofs of ANY colour
Tie wires
Bifold applications and support

All of our Aluminium welding work is done just off site by a highly experienced company whom we have used since we started manufacturing in 2005. As you are most likely aware Aluminium is far more difficult to weld than steel due to the lack of colour change- too hot and it just melts. We at Riviera believe that getting the best person to do our welding work is imperative as leaks/structural failure on our Roofs is totally unacceptable.

Our Polycarbonate has always been supplied locally by Molan UK who are one of the leading suppliers of polycarbonate roofing in the UK. Within half an hours drive of Riviera, Molan are capable of producing replacement polycarbonate the same day given several hours notice, indeed, we have had vents replaced the same day before now.

Our glass is supplied by K2 direct and as a standard we supply a high specification of glass. Currently our standard gives a ‘U’-Value of 1.1. This is attained by using Pilks Activ Blue, argon filled units with a Low-E internal coating. We believe that if a customer requests glass they are expecting a premium product and so while other options are available, we use this as standard.

We provide the following glass:-

Clear toughened
Pilks Activ Blue
Celsius One
Celsius Clear
Celsius Elite
Sanblasted effect Obsure Glass
Bronze Anti-Sun
Filmed Glass

Our suppliers are vital to our service and through the years of trading with them constantly we have built enviable relationships that minimise any errors and allow us to rectify any issues as quickly as possible.

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