Riviera Roofs Ltd started making K2 conservatory Roofs back in April 2005 out of a small unit which can be seen in some of the Roof images. It was small but we managed to turn some big roofs out of there and utilise what little space we had to its maximum.

Through expansion over the years, two further premises moves have been needed to cater for the increased stock holding and level of work to where we are currently based on Haven Business Park with over 3000 sq. feet of factory space.

In 2010 while other Roof manufacturers looked outside of Roofs to increase their business we took the decision to start manufacturing the Eurocell Roofs. We felt that in these austeric times it was better to offer customers a choice of roof systems dependant on their preferences and requirements.

This decision was welcomed by our existing customers and bought in new customers keeping us as busy as we have ever been.

Averaging 8/9 roofs a week over the course of a year, we turn over a lot of different styles and sizes of roofs-ALL manufactured and built up on our build floor. We do not out source any roofs from other companies/systems supplier nor do we flat pack roofs. We like to make sure everything is present and correct.

The winter of 2012/2013 saw us have a large change round in the factory, pruchasing new profile racking,roof storage trolleys and moving the tooling and manufacturing benches around to provide a more streamlined manufacture process and in doing so created enough space for a large 7m x 5m build floor with space to extend where needed up to 15m x 5m . This allows most roofs to fully assembled in one section prior to packing.




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