The Eurocell Skypod is now in stock!

skypod 1

As of the last couple of weeks we now have stock and the new software to manufacture the Eurocell Skypod Roof inhouse.

Let me tell you, this is a really nice solution to Lantern roofs. With its clean lines, small ridge end spoons and single piece, thermally broken ridge , its really provides sellers with a simple and elegant roof that is very quick to install and finish.

It is based on several key fixed elements.

These being:-

  • Fixed 20 degree pitch
  • Specific spoons- either two hip only or two hips and an intermediate rafter
  • Minimal thermally broken single piece ridge
  • Low ring be plate removing the need for gutter

The overall size of the lantern can be altered to suit exact requirements as with previous supplied lanterns.

Fewer components mean that spraying the roof to any colour required is not an issue and relatively cheap to do which is always an important part of any project.

Typically these are glazed with Pilks Activ Blue glass giving a U-Value of just 1.1 making them very thermally efficient.

If you have any questions about the Skypod please give us a call and we shall endeavour to help where possible.

Below are some images taken in our factory showing the different parts of the Skypod Roof- and as with all our roofs, these are all still fully assembled prior to dispatch so you know you still get the same high level of service from Riviera.