Not quite the Riviera we were hoping for…..



As you can see we suffered from the awful floods on Thursday 5th December 2013. This shot was taken out of the office window shortly before it peaked in height at a little over a foot high at our factory door. The road between our premises and those pictured over the road dips down a good couple feet so in the middle we were looking at around three feet of water.

Fortunately I was working late and so saw the water first come onto the estate and within 10-15 minutes it was at this height. Though out of town where it breached the banks all over the place and caused masses of damage, we are in fact very close to the Haven river itself. The river bank had some damage to it, and at this weakened point the water just burst through and flooded this whole area.

Below are some images of the flooding within  the building- with the torrent of water outside the doors, I couldn’t leave so it was a case of lift computer equipment, paperwork and polycarbonate up and anything else I could so as to minimise the damage and just carry on working


This is the water level about at its peak-floating boxes, broomsticks and very wet feet!


All we need is a sharks fin making its way through the water.


One customers polycarbonate lifted up on bins as it was going out the following morning. Fortunately that was the only polycarbonate job we had in stock at the time.


 The glass on the stillage was lifted up as high as it could go so as to not sit in water.


Not so sure the spare chopsaw can be relied on in future, or the wallpaper stripper next to it, or the welder, or the cut-off saw , or the compressor, or…..well, you get the picture.


An image of the build floor starting to dry out. This now looks like a muddy sand dune. It’s warped and all over the place and is one of the first jobs back in the new year.

On balance we were incredibly lucky to suffer as little damage as we did. All our conservatory roofs that were due for delivery the following morning made it out without problem. None of the Roofs on order were delayed in anyway, so we made sure that none of our customers suffered any consequences of Riviera Roofs being flooded.

The big clean up comes in January, we have been so busy in the run up to the Christmas break that we have had a few good sweep rounds, tidied up the essentials and carried on getting the roofs out the door.

Having heard and seen all sorts of issues that have arisen as a result of the flooding locally and how it has affected a lot of people I consider Riviera to have been very lucky in suffering only minimal damage. My thoughts go out those who’s homes have been affected by the flooding. It must be incredibly tough for them.

On a final note, I really hope for everyone locally that this is the last flooding we see round here for a long time!