We have finally done it!!! New Van

We have been putting it off for as long as possible but have bitten the bullet and finally got a new van for Riviera.

The old ‘beast’ as we referred to it was an Iveco Daily extra long wheel base and extra high top, which was to be honest- knackered. We kept it going to as long as we could as it started and ran fine everyday, never letting us down.  But we got the nagging feeling that its demise was imminent so thought it best to buy a new van before we got caught out.

As it lay waiting for its next owner,its current issues include,but not limited to:-

Noisey whirring noise at the front; holes in exhaust; front tyre about knackered; rear tyres low; radio removed; side door stuck; back doors worn to a point where they rattle and struggle to close; a mixture of Aluminium bar, super glue and screws holding the locking mechanism together; clonking on the back end; no heating; massive hole in one rear wheel arch and other wheel arch is pretty much rotten through.

There are other faults I am sure, but it has served us well over the years but time has come to change.

We have gone for the same but newer 2008 Iveco Daily LWB twin wheel rear axle, but normal height , and here it is :-

van 1

It has been a tough time getting it on the road as what we thought was wheel bearings, turned out to be Diff, which ended up being worse.

But, its sorted and a month after getting it, its finally in service delivering our K2 and Eurocell Conservatory roofs all over Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties.


One great bonus that came with the van is the rear loading ramp :-

van 2



As you can see this ramp is perfect for the transportation of glass units and long sections of Conservatory roofs, as the vans are high off the ground it makes life a lot easier. Fully racked down one side we can 3/4 roofs in at a push, still with the ramp folded up at the back. Up to 6m lengths can be loaded without it hanging out the back with the doors half open.



So your next delivery will be in the new ‘beast’ -safer unloading, less likely to break down (we hope!!) and much much quieter!




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